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route scheduling features
Bring in your data

Bring in your data

Create your visits manually or import them from an excel-csv file. Your visits are immediately geocoded and displayed on the map.

  • Import a file with your visits (our excel template is available here)
  • Inspect your data
  • Edit it, if necessary
  • You’re ready to optimise!

(check out our support article about route scheduling. You can also use our API to import/export your data)

Optimise your routes easily

Optimise your routes easily

With LetsJobIt, route optimisation is easy and straightforward.

  • Make sure you have some visits created (see “Bring in your data” above)
  • Go to “Scheduling” in the app’s left menu
  • The filters on top depend on the data you have created/imported. They also serve as a reporting tool, since you see the number of visits per territory, date, priority, …
  • Choose the vehicle/driver and a date for the optimisation
  • Click “Optimise” and let the magic happen!
  • Check out your routes stats (number of visits, total duration, driving and service time…)
  • You can optimise up to 250 vehicles and 2000 visits simultaneously!
  • Now it’s time to assign your routes.
Assign your routes

Assign your routes

Once you’re happy with your routes, it’s time to assign them. This means they’ll now be visible to your drivers or engineers.

  • Select the routes you want to assign (you can assign multiple routes simultaneously)
  • Click the assign button
  • Check that the routes are now visible in the app (once the route is in the app, it’s continuously optimised, according to the vehicle position and the visits available)
  • And voilĂ : your drivers or engineers can now go and do their jobs!

Before LetsJobIt, daily routes and tasks were a challenge... after LetsJobIt, our service team now have a clearly defined daily task list, which enables us to measure their performance and profitability.

Lee Pickup, Field Service Manager, The WCD Group

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