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  • job scheduling software

    manage everything in one place

  • delivery route planner

    improve productivity

  • multiple route planner

    connect with your clients

  • work scheduler

    work scheduler

    View your daily workload at-a-glance. Log and assign new jobs. Edit or reschedule existing jobs. Organise reminders and alerts for you or team members. LetsJobIt is a fully featured delivery route planning software.

  • upcoming jobs

    upcoming jobs

    Get a detailed snapshot of future jobs, where they are and what’s required for each.  Browse by date, vehicles, or statuses. Past activity is also recorded so you can link work.

  • route planner and optimiser

    route planner and optimiser

    Click a customer’s address to find the quickest or most direct route. Get instant GPS directions. Plot and plan your team’s schedule based on incoming jobs and location. Watch your team move from job to job in real-time. LetsJobIt is the best route planning software for your business.

  • new leads and quotes

    new leads and quotes

    Log new leads and quotes on new jobs quickly. You can then send new leads direct to your office’s sales team and professional quotes to your customers via email for their approval.

  • job fact file

    job fact file

    See exactly what has to be done and where, when you arrive at a job. Read any relevant notes or view any media left on the job file. Add your own notes or pictures to job. Log parts and equipment used.

  • customer sign-off

    customer sign-off

    Capture you customer signature with ease using LetsJobIt’s smart touchpad. It gives you proof of delivery as soon as the job is finished. You can also send the customer a thank you email on the spot. LetsJobIt is Blockchain enabled – we store your proof-of-service in the blockchain so that you can easily demonstrate to your customers that a given service was executed at that date.

  • time tracker

    time tracker

    Clock in and out of a job at the touch of a button. A timer records hours spent, what you did, and updates your timesheet so your office gets a clear picture of time spent at each job.

  • barcode scanner

    barcode scanner

    Scan parts with the LetsJobIt barcode reader to keep track of what’s been used on a job, what’s broken or what needs to be ordered. It’s then automatically logged with the job. Much faster that recording part codes manually.

  • edit and add users

    edit and add users

    You can add as many users as you want to a task or a job and change and edit their details at any time. Handy for remote training of field staff.

  • add notes and media files

    add notes and media files

    Attach photos or notes to a job easily and quickly to record the job status, damage found or repairs done. All the media gets logged with the relevant job and is accessible by other users.

The job scheduler part is invaluable. It gives my team a list of work for each day, as well as facts, pictures and notes about that job and customer. So no one arrives onsite clueless about the task. Really the best route planning software for our business.

Peter Cooper - Senior Technical Support Engineer, WCD Group

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