Tired of collecting excel sheets and paperwork from your field team?

Tired of collecting excel sheets and paperwork from your field team?

Data is essential for companies to succeed in this day and age. In an economy on which the victor is the company with the best business intelligence no one can afford to not have the right data. The problem with data is mostly in collection.

Once you have the data in a digital file you just need a data scientist that can do their magic on the data. Data collected from the employees or from the clients can be a real eye opener. You will discover trends you didn’t know existed and will be able to plan better for the future.

Some of the most successful companies right now are successful because they had access to the right data which allowed them to take the right decisions. Taking decisions without having business intelligence is like driving with a blindfold on; if you can’t see the way, how can you decide where to turn the car? There is one big reason that many companies still do not collect a lot of data and that is data collection issues.

Data Collection Issues

Getting the data in the right form is the real headache. Dealing with reams of paper and different excel sheets can be very cumbersome. You need a lot of human resources dedicated to the task and even then it takes days to do it properly. Data entry work is a pure cost function – you are spending a lot of money and time just to be able to have the data in a useful form. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to automate the process and ensure that what happened to take days can now be achieved in an hour? That’s one of the strong suites of the Lets Job It API. Let’s look at how it can help your company handle data better than ever before.

Documentation made easy

Data doesn’t just mean text fields in an excel file – it can also mean documents or images. Lets Job It API makes documentation easily available to everyone. Using the API you can simply send multiple types of data to your server and also make it available to your users. You can define the fields which are being used by your data and the API will understand the different fields and import data accordingly. Documents and images can also be uploaded by users and they can be made available to other users when needed. So if one of your field technicians runs into an issue (an inaccessible device, for example) they can simply take a picture and add it to the visit data. The next time someone has to visit the same place they can access the image and ensure that they have the right tools to fix the issue. Your field personnel will be better equipped with data, documentation, and images. Not only will they be receiving data, they will also be adding to the business intelligence you have about your customers.

Keep Track of Parts and Devices

Technical field service agents need access to a lot of different parts. We cannot expect them to remember the names and codes of every part. This becomes even more important if your company uses an independent field personnel network. The field service agents aren’t your direct employees and thus you cannot expect them to know about every part your company has. You can simply create data fields for your parts and their part numbers. Simply give access to the users and they will be able to access information whenever needed. Your customers will be happier because the field service person will know exactly what is needed. Your technicians will be happy because they can easily look up part information whenever needed. You also get to find out about the parts that are most in demand and order them before your warehouse runs out of them. This is also a fantastic way of discovering if there is an issue with some part in particular. Is the same part keeps breaking down again and again you can simply investigate what went wrong with that part.

Meta Data

There is a lot of data involved when it comes to field visits which just gets lost. You have to call people and ask them what happened. Customers also get frustrated when they have to explain the same problem to your people again and again. Our app allows you to store meta data about visits as well as parts. So a technician can enter data about how a customer’s problem cannot be solved because the customer isn’t home, or that the customer is not cooperative, or even leave a warning about some potential issues the technicians may encounter during the visit. All this data can be made available to other users if you want, equipping them with the right information to deliver services correctly.

The Power of Data in your hands

Our API has been built to ensure that it empowers you. Look around the API and you will find that it has a very open ended structure. We know that every company has their own unique needs and thus have not restricted design by forcing design chances to the customer. The API can be integrated with your own business processes. You get to decide what data is collected and what is not collected. You get to decide what data is available to what type of users. You also get to decide the appearance of the data. This allows you to create a personalized solution backed by our API that serves your company’s needs properly. Your technicians will be better equipped to solve issues and your customers will be more satisfied with your services. Most importantly, you will know more about the work being done by the people working as your technicians. You get an administrative overview of all the data. Data collection will no longer be a problem and business intelligence will be just a few clicks away.

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