Going mobile makes all the difference!

Going mobile makes all the difference!

No one knows efficiency better than engineers. The whole profession and field of science are about doing things in the best possible way.

It doesn’t make sense that most of our engineers are still stuck with inefficient work management systems. The current system we have of solving customer issues and assigning new tasks is woefully inadequate. It runs either on a ticket based system or is handled manually. Engineers, installers, and field service delivery professionals have to take information by going to the office and viewing the generated tickets. Then they have to figure out a route they should take.

The whole process is riddled with inefficiencies. We have all experienced this system one way or the other. Even if you are just a customer, you know that sometimes the company sends over someone who doesn’t have the required equipment or is not aware of the real issue even though you told the company everything on the phone. The problem isn’t that the person actually at your door was careless or incompetent; there is a huge chance that they were just given your address and told to fix whatever the issue is.

This won’t be a problem for much longer as more companies start using Lets Job It. The service app combines route planning/optimization, job scheduling, and work management in one easy package. The companies are happier because the work takes less time now, the engineers are happy because their tasks are easy to understand now, and the customers are happier because their complaints are addressed quickly and accurately. Let’s look at all that going mobile with Route Direct can allow your company to do.

Organize visits easily

When a user logs in to the Lets Job It app they immediately see all the tasks that have been assigned to them. The user can see the location of the visit, the problem that needs to be fixed, as well as any notes about the customer that need to be kept in mind. The visits can be organized easily from here. The best thing about the app is that it manages every aspect of the job. It begins with information related to the task. Then the user simply clicks a button and the location of the visit is shown in their device’s map application. As soon as the user visits the location the interface switches and the user now has access to all the information once again.

The best part is that this organization isn’t just for the user – it works for the employing company as well. When the user initiates the visit a timer automatically starts. Tracking is started as well. The company gets data about where the user is going. The company can view the status of their users to see what they are doing at the moment. Once a task is completed information about it is compiled and made available to the company easily. The administrators can see, with just a few taps on the screen, details about the tasks performed. This includes the locations visited, the problems fixed, as well as the time spent on each job.

Manage Service Details Effortlessly

Documentation has always been a big problem for field service providers. It takes too much time to note everything by hand or to enter it manually in a spreadsheet. That’s why Lets Job It makes it completely effortless to record all the data that needs to be recorded. Here are just a few of the things which the app can do:

Barcode Scanning

Want to note which parts were used and what parts are broken? Need to access information about a part? You won’t need to go digging through your service manual for part names or codes and enter them manually anymore. Lets Job It has a barcode scanner. Just initiate the scanning process and use your phone’s camera to scan the object. It gets automatically logged with the task.

Parts Management

Easily manage information about parts right from the app. Items can be logged automatically through the scanner or manually when needed.

Capture Media

Sometimes you need a picture to understand what is going on. Simply take pictures of the damage found on visit or the repairs done. The pictures get linked to the task.

All the data can be accessed by administrators easily. You get an easy overview of not just what tasks are being done but what parts are being used. This also helps your company assess the demand for parts or equipment. You won’t be blindsided by too many requirements and will not have to tell your clients that they will have to wait until you get parts, because you will have all the relevant information on hand.

Handle Quotes and Payments Simply

Lets Job It also allows your field service agents to easily handle quotes and payments. The automation in the process allows it to be extremely efficient. Quotes are sent out to customers in an email. The email has an ‘accept button’ in it. When the customers clicks the button the quote is automatically converted into a visit and a task is created for users in the app which includes the entire customer supplied details. Even payments by end users can be handled in-app. This is also fantastic for customers; they are delighted by how fast your company sent someone out once they accepted the quote.

Offline? No problem…

We’ve given much though to how our app should work under real world conditions. If you are in a remote zone or in a building basement, for instance, you know that you can’t rely on your internet connection to work. Lets Job It works seamlessly online and offline. When offline, you can continue working and your changes are stored in the device. Once the internet connection comes back on, your changes are synced to our server. You won’t even notice the change. This is true for the data and for the files (photos, pdf’s,…) stored on the app.

There’s much more

It must be easy to see that we are going to change the service industry for technicians. We looked at all the work that engineers and technicians do and realized that most of the potential was going to waste. Instead of being able to focus on the work to be done the employees had to spend time handling paperwork. Now, thanks to everyone having a device on them with internet connectivity, it won’t be a problem anymore. The app can be easily used by big companies or even by one-person operations without taking a hit in efficiency. More work gets done in the same amount of time and everything is easier to manage.

Do you feel this is the right time for your company to to go mobile? let’s go!