Get a hold of your installer network

Get a hold of your installer network

Many companies in the industry use independent engineers for repairs and installs. This is done because it is much more feasible than hiring full time engineers for every location.

However there are many problems with having an ad-hoc installer network. Let’s look at some of the problems companies have to repeatedly face in the current way we handle this process.

Work Management

Managing the tasks that need to be done becomes a daunting task. Doing things over email is a very poor way of managing assignments and tasks. Yet, since the installer network consists of people outside your organisation it is often the only way to communicate with the network. There is no tracking of the work that needs to be done – you need your management to manually keep a track of the task assigned and see how much work has been done. Often the companies only found out that an independent engineer never showed up at the customer’s house when the customer complains.

Communicating with the outside network is mostly done through email but sometimes through phone calls and texts as well. This makes it very hard to manage all the communication. Furthermore, if there are a lot of tasks being assigned at once there is a chance of a reply being lost or ignored. The independent engineer/technician may have replied that he/she cannot reach the customer and you wouldn’t be aware of it.

Service Hours Tracking

The system used to track the payment that needs to be made to the independent engineer/technician is also unreliable. Companies are usually at the mercy of the independent worker when it comes to details and data about the work done and how long it took.

A Better Solution

What if there was a better way to do things? Is it possible to have an independent installer network that is as efficient and trustable as having your own employees spread out over the region? Lets Job It is the better way to manage work when it comes to paying the customers a visit. Let’s look at some of the ways it can help.

Work Management

Lets Job It makes managing job easier for the company and the independent workers both. Here’s how it works: The management makes a task through the administration panel. The job is automatically transmitted to the user selected by the company. The user then sees all the information regarding the work that needs to be done. They get detailed information about the parts/devices that need to be installed or the repairs that need to be done. Once they accept the job the company receives a notification.

The company has an administrative view of all the tasks that are taking place. So the network can be country wide (or more) and the company will still be easily able to see all the work that is being done at a glance. Any issues can be dealt with swiftly because all the information is easily available for management. The users are happier too; they don’t have to carry print-outs or save information themselves. They just have to open the app on their phone and they know all that they have to do during the day. The users also get easy access to all the required information about the task instead of having to communicate back and forth using email or texts.

Work Tracking and Payroll Calculations

One of the biggest problems with using such a network is to manage costs. Lets Job It makes the task unbelievably simple. The user gets a notification about the available job. Once they accept it their phone opens the map application so they can head on to the client. Meanwhile, the company gets a notification that the independent worker is now working. The company can also track when the user reached the customer to address their issue.

This can easily tell the company how much time the user is taking to initiate tasks and how much time is spent traveling. Once the task has been completed the user takes a signature from the customer. This tells the company that the task is ended. At the end of the month the company can simply select the many users working under it and see how much time they spent working. Through this calculating payroll becomes a much easier task.

Broadcast Messages

Promotions are a good way of acquiring customers. Lets Job It helps with this by allowing companies to broadcast a message to all the registered users who work as independent engineers/technicians for the country. Companies can send information about new promotions, changes in protocol, technical information about a product, common fixes, or anything else as needed. Your whole network is instantly updated with the latest information.

Parts Management

Lets Job It also helps manage parts. There is a barcode scanner built into the service app. The user simply has to scan the barcode on the part/device and it is automatically logged for the company to see.

Increase your Installer Network’s Efficiency

The best part is that the service app is ridiculously easy to setup. All the company needs to do is tell the users to install the app on their phones. No new equipment is required. With the install of a simple app the whole system comes online and companies can start serving their customers better than ever before. Work gets managed better, payments get processed easily, and customers are more satisfied because of the rapid response from the company. The whole system is built to iron out all the issues that companies face when it comes to job scheduling, delivery planning, and route optimisation.

So what are you waiting for? Start now!